GPR Equipment

Proceq GPR Equipment

At Structure Scan, we use the most up to date, cutting edge technology available in the industry. Starting with Proceq GPR equipment.

All of our technicians are equipped with either the GP8000 and GP8800. Both of these units are capable of scanning through 24+ inches of concrete with ease.

For bigger projects such as offroad, open field, deeper scanning we utilize the GS8000. This unit allows us to detect things such as burial sites, underground storage tanks or even shallow scanning for concrete cover on bridge decks.

When it comes to utility locating, having reliable information is critical.We’ve been on the leading edge of GPS referenced locate information for a number of years. By using our Locate management system we are able to produce the most reliable, and user friendly locate information available.

GPR Proceq equipment
Proceq GPR equipment
Proceq equipment

Environmentially Friendly Products

Structure Scan believes in doing our best to not disturb the environment and this includes using environmentally safe marking paints.