GPR Concrete Analysis

Validate Drill Location

GPR On-site Analysis

GPR scans reveal the location of the two layers of structural steel, embedded electrical conduits, as well as the targets fitting a Typical Rebar Profile (TRP). Scan details have been physically marked with high-grade tape on the concrete floor. Based on these findings, a new drill location was proposed along with a recommendation to stay a minimum of 2” away from all marked targets.

The Goal
Core drill a 3” diameter hole into a finished concrete floor and avoid rebar/conduit.

The Job Site

  • Occupied office space with finished floor
  • Known electrical conduits embedded in the concrete
  • Two layers of structural steel

GPR Discovery

  • Slab thickness
  • Concrete cover (over top/bottom rebar)
  • Rebar spacing
  • Conduit location
GPR Scans for Engineers
GPR On-site Analysis


  • Layout scan area with high-grade tape (no adhesive residue)
  • Mark targets fitting a Typical Rebar Profile (TRP)
  • Mark targets NOT fitting a TRP (possible electrical conduit)
  • Move proposed drill location
  • Stay a minimum of 2” away from all targets marked