Locate Management

One-Stop Solution for Public Utility Locates

Structure Scan waives the $80 public facilitation fee when we’re performing any other service work for your project, such as a private sweep or GPS services. A minimum callout is necessary. Otherwise, there is an $80.00 charge.

One-Stop Solution for Public Utility Locates

  • Simplify approvals.
  • Eliminate resubmissions for the same project.
  • Cut down on project delays caused by public locate wait times.
  • Say goodbye to confusing and cumbersome locate paperwork.

Re-mark services
Structure Scan can provide re-marking services when:

  1. We submit the Call Before You Dig ticket,
  2. Record the public/private utility marks using our Global Position System; and
  3. You have been in control of the site for the duration of the project, even though the locate time has lapsed (This is to ensure no new utilities have been installed without your knowledge).

Locate Management System

Structure Scan's LMS is striving to revolutionize the locate process.

We offer seamless simplicity with instant access to real-time data and critical documents – ensuring you stay in control at all times.

Free Click Before You Dig service

Real-time updates

Re-marking services

Cloud-based access

Accurate GPS mapping

Detailed data archived for the future

Dramatically improve efficiency and safety

Here’s how our LMS works:

  • We submit the Call Before You Dig ticket and any relevant public utilities requests on your behalf.
  • The data collected is stored on a secure cloud-based location that is shared with you.
  • A status report outlines the current state of the ticket.
  • As locates and clearances come in, they are added to your data file, and the status report is updated.

When all public locates are completed:

  • We schedule a technician for a private sweep.
  • Review public locates.
  • Record all utility marks with our Global Position System.

When private locate and the GPS are complete:

  • We provide a map identifying public & private lines.
  • You install a free version of Google Earth, allowing you to view the .kml file, which dynamically displays the locates.
  • If locate marks need to be refreshed, we’ll send a tech to refresh/remark the lines.

Our commitment to you:

Stringent ticket remark criteria, ensuring both accuracy and safety in the utility locate process. We rigorously adhere to these standards, guaranteeing that any necessary re-marks are conducted promptly and efficiently. This approach not only reinforces the reliability of our locates but also enhances the overall safety of the work environment. By meticulously following these criteria, we demonstrate our dedication to providing our clients with the highest level of service and peace of mind.