How to Read a Locate Sheeet

Who this is for:

  • Ground Disturber
  • General Contractor
  • Supervisor
  • Project Manager
  • Site Superintendent
  • Property Owner
  • Utilities Locator
  • Private Locator

The 5 W’s before you start:

  • Who needs this information?
  • What type of work is being done in this area?
  • What utilities are in the area?
  • When is the work starting?
  • Where is the locating taking place?
  • Why this information is required (job specifics – depths, distances).

Required information on the Locate sheet:

  • Address of the locate
  • A written description of boundaries of the locate area
  • Sketch of located area identifying the utilities located
  • Identify the type of work being done in this area
  • Indicate PUBLIC and PRIVATE locates
  • Name utility owners (Hydro, MTS, etc.)
  • Name of locator
  • List the marked utilities
  • How were they marked (paint, flags, stakes)
  • Indicate warnings and cautions
  • Date of issue and expiry

Confirm prior to starting work

  • Locates are valid
  • Written descriptions and sketches match the work area
  • Locate marks are clear and visible
  • Emergency contact for known utilities
  • Emergency Response plan in place and all people involved are aware of the procedure
Utility Colours Codes