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Accurate GPR Concrete Analysis

The leading advantage for Engineers, Project Planners and Contractors

Structure Scan's GPR sub-surface analysis includes communicating all findings with physical on-site markings, verbally and with written and illustrated reports.

GPR Scans for Engineers

Structure Scan's reporting can help illustrate whats in the concrete or what’s not in the concrete. Concrete thickness/cover, rebar location, void detection, embedded objects such as metal, plastic and conduits are typical answers we can give you. Here's what you can expect with comprehensive sub-surface reporting.

GPR On-site Analysis
  • Photos
  • Site sketch(s)
  • Data samples (raw and processed)
  • 2D / 3D imagine
  • Explanations detailing graphics/images
  • Post processing methodology and conclusions
  • Review of survey and recommendations
  • Digital collection and storage of data
GPR Reporting

For more information about GPR Reporting, contact Structure Scan.